Private Island tour: Off-road adventure

An adventure you can't miss!

Ride around the island in a roaring Ford Raptor F150 - Discover rough terrain where most cars cannot venture, discover hidden landscapes and picturesque panoramas of Oahu;
Includes; snorkeling in the crystal clear ocean and checking out the coral reef, tropical fish Hawaiian "honu" (sea turtles), monk seals….etc

This tour takes 5 to 6 hours

Visit Pearl Harbor  

We offer a site tour at your convenience; which means no lines, we’ll have tickets ready upon your arrival, which includes access to the museum, where you can view historical film footage of actual events. Then we catch a Navy Boat to board the USS Arizona Memorial. This tour takes 3 hours with a minimum of two people and you will be accompanied by a personal guide for the entire duration of the tour. 


Circle Island tour (Pearl Harbor + North Shore

From Pearl Harbor we will continue on to North Shore. We will visi t: A Coffee farm, Dole plantation,  Haleiwa historical town, Soap factory, See turtle beach, Waimea Bay beach, Sharks cove (great place for snorkeling), Pipeline, Sunset beach, Laie look out, Kualoa Ranch (where Jurassic Park, Lost and many other movies were filmed), a macadamia nut farm and more... This tour takes 6 to 7 hours


Discover the best hikes and water Falls. This land activity is the most popular in Hawaii.  We know the best hikes on the island.

-Manoa falls 2 hours
-Maunawili falls 3-4 hours
-Kuliouou ridge trail 3-4 hours
-Lanikai Pillboxes Hike 1-2 hours
-Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail (with tidepools) 2-3

And plenty more!

Private Yacht Sailing

Morning or sunset sailing at South Shore on a fifty foot catamaran. A maximum of seven people. Light snacks and refreshments will be provided. This tour can be half or full day.

Snorkeling Tour

Snorkel in the quiet exclusive reefs around the island, from South to North shore depending on the weather conditions.

Outrigger Canoe Surfing/Kayaking

Surf the waves on the edge of Waikiki in a traditional four man canoe. Watch the beautiful sunset while paddling for an unforgettable experience. Or Kayak from Lanikai beach to the beautiful Mokes. This is a 1-2 hour tour with a maximum of three people.

SUP (Stand up Paddle Board), Surf or Kite Surf Private Lessons

Learn to surf, kite or SUP from Hawaii’s best surf instructors. We take you away from the crowds of Waikiki. We provide boards and gear, just let us know when you’re ready.

Customized/ Tailored Tours.

You dream it, we accommodate it.
Every wish is possible. There are no limitations to your request, the sky is the limit!




***A personal photographer for the day can also be made available upon request.

Available Daily – Hotel Pickup/Drop-off provided - Schedule at your Convenience


Oahu is well known as the gathering place. There are so many things to do here! 
EPIC HAWAII ADVENTURE is focused on helping you to discover the best hikes to reach waterfalls or ridges that overlook the island. Oahu has many great hikes for all experience levels : easy trails, jungle trek to hidden waterfalls, and steep climbs up the side of volcanic craters.
Choose the hike regarding your level of experience or contact us to get information on day package tours. 

Easy Hikes

Manoa fall

Difficulty | *
Length |  2,5 miles round trip
Wet/Dry | Wet

Manoa Falls is a spectacular site as it tumbles down a near vertical cliff for approximately 150-feet into a small pool. The hike travels through a bamboo forest, rainforest, and base of the Ko'oau Mountains. The trail is approximately a 1 ½ mile hike. The small pool at the bottom of the falls is filled with boulders and the bottom of the pool cannot be visualized making it unsafe for swimming or diving. Swimming violators may be cited.


Ko’olau Mountains
Maunawili fall                                                   The tour is $45 adult and $25/child.
                                                                         This is a 2 to 3 hours tour HOTEL PICK                                                                              UP: 9 AM, RETURN: 12 AM

Kuliouou Ridge Trail

Difficulty | **
Length | 5 miles round trip
Wet/Dry | Dry

“The easiest of the ridge hikes,” notes hiking guru and author Stuart Ball. This mild trek may not be as bad as its Koolau cousins, but you may have a Koko Crater moment when you reach the stairs at the end. Plant lovers, feast your eyes on the variety of flora, which range from alien ironwoods to uluhe ferns. Reach the summit, and get the same clear east side views, less the Lanipo struggle.

The tour is $75 adult and $55/child.
This is a 4 to 5 hours tour


Intermediate Hikes

Lulumahu Falls and Kaniakapupu Ruins

Difficulty | ***
Length: 2-3 mi
Time: 3-4 hrs

Lulumahu Falls is 1 of 5 popular waterfalls in the Pali region!  This waterfall has a great Indiana Jones advenure.  It will take you about 30 to 40 minutes to reach the 50 ft plus Lulumahu waterfall, and I promise you that you will not find yourself bored hiking into a dense bamboo forest, climbing up old waterwork structures, and wandering       into the mystical Hawaiian jungle!                                                                                                                                                        The tour is $75 adult and $55/child.                                                                                    This is a 3 to 4 hours tour.                                                                                                  HOTEL PICK UP: 8 AM, RETURN: 12 AM

Maunawili Falls


Difficulty | ***
Length | 2.6 miles round trip
Wet/Dry | Wet

The trail itself may be muddy and uneven, but “the pool and falls are spectacular,”. Indeed, many take advantage of the swimming hole by diving from the top of the falls or from a ridge even higher up. This windward trail is crowded with locals and tourists at midday                                                                   and on weekends, so plan to go very early                                                                     or late and on a weekday. Don’t miss the                                                                   great Koolau views on the way up. A word                                                                       of caution: If you’re leery of leptospirosis,                                                                     this might be one to skip.

The tour is $75 adult and $55/child.
This is a 4 to 5 hours tour


Advanced Hike

Koloa Gulch

Difficulty | ****
Length | 8 miles round trip
Wet/Dry | Wet

This one  is more rugged and wild than other waterfall [hikes].” it is probably right, judging from the stony stream crossings and the aquatic life around them. Enjoy the verdant valley walls and   smaller cascades as you head further                                                                                into the gulch, eventually reaching the                                                                                80- foot-tall Kalo Falls and pool.                                                                                        Be ready for difficult, tricky going!

The Bad-Ass Hike

 Photo: david chatsuthiphan

Photo: david chatsuthiphan

Difficulty | *****
Length | 5 miles round trip
Wet/Dry | Wet

Can’t decide whether you want to conquer a ridge, a crater or a waterfall? Do all three! Beginning in upper Pālolo, navigate three waterfalls before reaching the crater’s rim and the marsh inside it that feeds them. Continue along the ridge for great views of both Waikiki and the Windward Coast. The going is steep, both up and down, but if you’ve ever dreamed of being in a scene from Lost, the climb is worth it.

The tour is $115 adult and $75/child.
This is a 5 to 6 hours tour

Hiking is one of the best ways to take in Oahu’s natural beauty, from its lush native forests to breathtaking views of the island’s coastlines. Hiking through some of the island’s forests and along the windswept ridges of the Koolau mountain range, you may even find it hard to believe that you’re on Hawaii’s most populous island.
— Hawai'i magazine