HAWAII - 14 days package tour

It is the dream destination. It offers an incredible diversity of landscapes, making it truly unique. The Hawaiian Islands are a volcanic archipelago, isolated from the rest of the world. Each island has is own unique spirit.


Proposed Itinerary

   Oahu to maui to big island to kauai to oahu


- 4720 euro from oahu (hawaii)

- 5950 euro from paris

The Benefits of this trip

You'll be accompanied by Francky an experienced French guide, he spend the winters in France as a mountain guide and summers in Hawaii sharing his knowledge of the Islands. He's lived for the last 12 years on four of the Hawaiian Islands and has a passion for trekking and discovering secret and hidden places of all the islands. This is a rare and unique opportunity to have some one show you places you can not find on a map. Not only will he take you safely to all these hidden gems, you're trip will be planned accordingly so no sunsets will be missed.


MAUI - Haleakala Volcano (10,000 feet)

We’ll drive to the top of the Haleakala volcano by car (« house of the sun» in hawaiian) and walk down to the crater, where you'll experience the feeling of  walking on another planet. Then, we’ll continue on the Sliding Sands path which leads through a lunar landscape and volcanic mass of black and red fallen rocks.  Here we'll probably have the luck of stumbling across the endemic Silversword. We'll picnic in the middle of the crater, before heading back to the hotel at the end of the afternoon. Possible afternoon swim in the ocean. 

MAUI - Hana Hwy

We’ll head to the little town of Hana,  situated on the east side  of Maui. The road is sinuous and magnificent, with views that will not be forgotten. We’ll stop for a little hike in the Bamboo forest, before continuing to the natural Red Sand Beach for a swim.

On the way back we’ll have  a chance to stop at a waterfall, then Ho’okipa beach and Paia Town before going back to the hotel.  

KAUAI - Waimea Canyon - Kokee Parc

A day dedicated to the exploration of Waimea canyon and Kokee park. The park is situated on a plateau 3,000 feet above sea level. It offers impressive views of the natural landscapes of the Kalalau Valley and its affected mountains of the Na Pali coast.
We’ll dine and sleep in a wooden cabin (refuge of height) situated at the top of the canyon ! 

KAUAI - Forward Arboretum Wailua (or with option Boat/Helicopter)

After breakfast in the Canyon, we’ll go down to Waimea, we’ll get through Hanapepe then we’ll drive to the Wailua waterfalls, a sacred place where, in the past, men threw themselves down from the waterfalls to prove their virility. We’ll continue on the road until we arrive at the Wailua arboretum to see the rainbow eucalyptus . We'll also have the option of stopping at an old indian temple. Its unique to the world as its the first  first indian temple built out of granite outside India.

We’ll sleep around the city of Kapa’a.

Two options for this day :

- 1) Join the north shore of the island by boat along of the Napali Coast

Departure of Kikiola, little port on the coast to embark on a boat which will bring us to Hanaley Bay. We’ll sail along the majestic Na Pali coast, a masterpiece of nature ! Mountains eroded with time, rumbling of the ocean, waterfalls and beaches of the isolated coast make this trip unforgettable. Price : 235 dollars / person

- 2) Flying over the Napali Coast by helicopter.

View cliffs and waterfalls of the north shore of Kauai (Na Pali Coast) where several famous movies have been shot (Jurassic Park, Godzilla, King Kong, Avatar, Lost, Pirates des caraïbes, etc…).Price : nearly 180 dollars / pers.

In the case that you interested by these options, please inform us as soon as you arrive in Kauai.  

KAUAI - North shore

Early in the morning we’ll go in the most beautiful spot on the North shore of the island. We’ll do a hike on the road of the Na Pali Coast, we’ll following the path until we arrive at Hanakapia beach. We’ll go to the Hanakapi’ai waterfall if the weather and the river level allow us. From here we’ll experience one of the most spectacular places of the Hawaiian Islands. Swimming is possible.

On the way back from this hike we’ll appreciate the historic place of Limahuli Garden, where we’ll swim in a cave of fresh water named Blue Hole or jump in the natural pool « Queen Bath » or simply appreciate and visit the most beautiful beaches of the North Shore of Kauai.
We’ll sleep around Hanaley.



Arrival at Honolulu.  We’ll give you all the directions to visit Pearl Harbor and the North Shore Beaches. Stop in Waikiki for shopping, beach and surf… You’ll sleep in the hotel in Waikiki.


After a good breakfast, we’ll go to the east coast of the island to snorkel in the magnificent waters of Kealakekua Bay, where you’ll discover an incredible coral reef. Then we’ll visit the Capitain Cool monument. We’ll continue this day by going to the most southerly point of the United States. This place is incredible and known for its green sand beaches and its cliffs. For the most adventurous of us will jump into the ocean from a 50 foot cliff. 
Before the sunset, we’ll drive on the dirt roads by a 4x4 vehicule to go to camping in a wild spot just by the ocean, for an amazing night in a tent under the stars. The perfect end to an amazing day.


BIG ISLAND - In the middle of the volcanoes

 "Hawai'i Volcano National Parc"
This park shelters the famous volcanoes the most active on Earth. The "Steam vents" which are emanating from the depths of the Earth give a mystic atmosphere to this place!
We’ll visit the « Lava Tube » then we’ll make our way through the lake of lava of the sleepy crater of "Kaleauea Iki" for a hike of nearly four hours. We’ll take the time to visit the Jaggar Museum Kïlauea where we’ll learn about the study of volcanoes.

Then we’ll sleep near Hilo city.

BIG ISLAND - Hilo - Millionaire pound – Lava flow

Depart for Puna region, on the east coast of the island. After visiting the little city of Pahoa we’ll drive along a road which crosses a dense jungle and will bring us to « Millionaire’s pound » (hot and natural pool). Then we’ll do a two hour hike to Kalapana Village on the last of a lava flow, which has engulfed part of the village.
We’ll travel by car for 3 hours to go to the top of the "Mauna-Kea",  13,500 feet from sea level to appreciate one of the most incredible sunsets that you’ll have the opportunity of seeing. As soon as the night falls, we’ll drive two hours away to join the fruit farm of « Uncle Joe » named « Kalopa » on the Hamakua coast. 
*OPTION : Depending on the weather and the desires of Pélé (hawaiian goddess of the volcanoes and fire), theres a possibility to do a five hour hike to admire the molten lava flow with experimented vulcanologists, the only ones to be able to go close to the flows.  

BIG ISLAND - Waipio valley - Mauna Kea - Kalopa

After breakfast we’ll go to the "Waipio valley" to discover the highest waterfall of the Hawaiian islands. A place still secret with a lot of energy and hawaiian legends. This hike in the isolated  valley will constitute a key point of our trip. It is a powerful and particular place. 
During the afternoon we’ll discover several wonderful beaches to relax and swim in the turquoise water on « Beach 69 » or « Hapuna Beach ». We’ll picnic there before going back to the airport to fly to Maui. Hopefully we'll catch the sunset while we flying above the islands. 

We’ll landing at Kauluhui where this amazing adventure comes to an end.


NB : — All this program is only indicative. It may be modified according to technical criteria, security needs or climatic bad conditions. In that case, only the guide is empowered to make decisions.




The price includes :

          — Flights between islands
             Accommodation as it is described in the program, basic double room.        
          —  Transportation on each island.
          —  Gas.
          —  The permit to camp in the parks.
          —  Tickets for visiting the national parks.
          —  The guide/organizer.

The price doesn’t inclue :

Checked bag on airlines companies.
Cancellation insurance / trip interruption / lost luggage and assistance.
  All the activities in options.
  All that is not indicated under the column « The price includes ».

expenses on island :

  Baggage check-in.
  Optional activities.
  Drinks / Tips. 


The guide is equipped with a Satellite telephone.


         — Good hiking shoes                                                                                                  — Sleeping bag                                                                                                            — Knife                                                                                                                      — Mosquito repellent                                                                                                  — Sun Screen                                                                                                              — Camera, you don't want to miss any thing

Download a summary iN PDF