DAY 1:
Wake-up in the middle of Waikiki or anywhere else. From there we will hop on a private helicopter and journey to the beautiful Garden Isle of KAUAI. After this flight above the pacific ocean, you will land at the private Princeville airport situated on the north shore of Kauai. With our private driver we go to Hanalei town to board on a boat to cruise along the majestic NAPALI coast, to the ancestral Kalahau Valley. This cruise will last around 6 hours roundtrip . The 15-miles (24 km) coast is lined by cliffs, caves, white-sand beaches and the deep turquoise sea.
After an epic day of adventure, we will take in the beautiful Hawaiian sunset while lounging on the elegant terrace of the *SAINT REGIS Hotel.

DAY 2:
Depart in morning by helicopter to BIG ISLAND where we will view an erupting volcano and gaze upon the magnificent Waipio Valley. We will be flying between the Moana Loa and Moana Kea volcanoes just above the saddle road, this is grandiose view and experience, you'll never forget! We guarantee you’ll also appreciate the view of PARKER RANCH as it’s one of the largest ranches in the United States.
For the evening you will stay at the FOUR SEASONS Resort. From there, sunset's are amazing!

DAY 3 :
Several itineraries are possible depending on your desires.
One proposal is to venture into Waipio Valley to explore the black sand beach and hike a technical trail  to the highest waterfall in all Hawaii. This hike take you to the most powerful place in Hawaii and without a doubt constitute the highlight of your trip!

We'll have the opportunity to enjoy the mesmerizing sunset from the top of Mona kea (13,803 ft above sea level) before to coming heading back to the FOUR SEASONS. 

Wake up and jump in the crystal clear waters of our private beach at the hotel before we take off for the island of Maui.
In the afternoon you will board a flight in Kona and head to Kahului airport, (Maui Island). A private car will pick you up and take you up to HALEAKALA to admire the 360 degree view of the island at an altitude of 3,300 meters. From there we will enjoy a fabulous lunch at the french restaurant "La Provence"!
For the evening I propose we stay at the luxury Beachfront Cottages, decorated in a very casual and retro Hawaiian style to enjoy the warm ocean breeze.

DAY 5:
To close our adventure we will begin with hike into a hidden paradise beyond a Bamboo Forest. The thick bamboo trees shoot fifty feet into the air and while surrounding you as you cross streams and follow an a trail through the forest. Take in the crisp smell of the bamboo, and listen to the natural chimes as the wind echoes through the bamboo forest.
If you still have a bit of energy left you can take a refreshing dip in one of the many waterfalls that are scattered throughout the island.
At the end of the day you will board a flight back to Honolulu to conclude your trip and leave paradise.

It is our hope and plan for this will be the most beautiful and unforgettable trip of you're life!


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